Modernized Poultry Farming using incubator

An incubator is a machine for hatching of eggs. In essence an incubator allows you to hatch eggs without having hens. Incubators mimic the conditions and experiences of a brooding hen for fertilized eggs including appropriate temperature humidity and ventilation level.

Kinds of Poultry Farming
Kinds of Poultry Farming

Some years back, egg hatchery was owned by the big firms in the country that had money to spend on the business. However, with the latest trends in technological advancement and development in the local content, there have being tremendous development in machinery manufacturing. It is now easy hatch eggs of any bird you breed in your house. When breeding birds like geese, guinea fowl, quail, and ostrich with the new sizable hatchery, you can hatch your eggs without taking it to any big farm for hatching.

You understand that having sizable hatchery can serve as a form on income generation for you to hatch eggs that are freely breed in your apartment.

There are few things to take into consideration when planning to set up an hatchery.

Numbers of eggs it can hatch

Incubators come in all shapes and sizes, from a few egg to several thousand. It’s unlikely you will want to go the several thousand rout but you need to think carefully about how big you want to go. You also need to remember that while hatching is fun and exciting, at the end you will be left with the chickens, so you need to thick about want to do with them. Also you need to realize that not all the egg you set in any incubator will hatch no matter how good it is and no matter how careful you are.


It is good getting large incubator but do you have somewhere you can keep it safely for 21 days it takes to hatch without getting the way of family life.

Power supply

Everybody is aware that one of the problems in Nigeria is unstable power supply. When buying and incubator you should look at the battery capacity or buy the incubator that can also use solar apart from grid. As this will ensuring that the hatching period is uninterrupted by power failure. For such incubator that can use solar visit


This is important for anyone who wants to watch the chicks hatching. It’s critical not to raise the lid of the incubator in the last days of the incubation and during hatch, so it is important you see clearly without disturbing .Some incubator have a small window at the top so that you can see part of the egg.

KGE Poultry Incubator.
KGE Incubator


It’s really important that your incubator should be kept clean. Bacteria have a nasty habit of entering through porous egg shell that can result in the death of the chicken embryos and the mess left behind after the hatching is much. You need to make sure that whichever you decide on it can at least be dismantle to allow for post hatch deep cleaning .


There are incubators out there costing thousands of Naira and there are other costing less than a hundred.

What is your budget? Basically, the larger and more automated your incubator, the more expensive it’s going to be.

Control and measure of temperatures and humidity

There are two critical issue during incubation: temperatures and humidity. There needs to be constant power supply as variation in particularly high temperature and low humidity can potentially cause the embryo to perish. It is advisable to go for the incubator with digital for temperature and humidity control. In this case it is recommended to go for KGE incubator.


To add to all that have been said so far, I can specifically say that, owing a mini hatchery can serve as additional source of income for those that are working and also a good stream of income for unemployed graduates.

Also, with this little technology. I can say that, there will not be need for poultry farmers taking their eggs to big hatcheries for hatching if they can earnest their resources to purchase this sizable hatchery for their use.

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