Importance of Solar Automatic Gate in the Aspect of Removing the Expenses of a Gateman

Technology is always applicable to all products. Even before now we have enjoyed tremendous advancements in technology ranging from telecommunication with the advent of mobile phone, in health with the new technology called tele-medicine that has changed the world of health. Education has also recorded a new wave with the development of e-learning. Surveillance systems have recorded developments with the apps that access the location of a close circuit television via mobile phone.

Recently, automatic gate technology made a laudable achievement with the use of solar technology to power and control the opening and closing of a gate.

There are always additional needs in the house or a building. It can be from changing the landscaping, to fixing some beautiful things like alarm and security system. There are many ways to beautify your home; one among all is by fixing your Solar Powered Gate Opener and forgetting what to pay your security guard at month end. Solar powered gate opener is a machine that is installed at the back or underneath your gate depending on the type you’re using. This aforementioned gate opener comes in two types namely the Sliding Gate and the Swing Gate.

Automatic Sliding Gate Opener
Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

Solar Powered Gate Opener helps you in opening and closing your gate without any form of stress and you can open it through your remote control or Smartphone. It also helps in monitoring the nook and cranny of your compound, aids in the reduction of cost and makes your savings better than before.

Solar Powered Gate Opener helps in securing your house and not bothering oneself with a security guard. Solar powered gate opener is attractive, affordable and available. It is a product from Italy that was franchised to Bluesripts Home Automation, Nigeria in 2018.

 Automatic Swing Gate Opener
Automatic Swing Gate Opener

My experience in Italy grew my interest in gate automation. While shopping in a store in Venice, Italy. After I had completed all that I needed to buy, I looked around to check for where to pay to the cashier, but to my surprise, I couldn’t find one. This was somehow annoying but I can call this a big achievement to the Italian government.

Looking at the level of automation, I deduced that, this will reduce physical interaction with some major gadgets, thereby helping those that will be laid off from the job to develop another source of income for them.

In continuation of my experience in Italy, after searching for cashier to pay to, I was directed by a man that understood my present condition, he motioned that I should take my goods to a machine that looks like a robot, to strike my goods against the machine and that will display price of each products. Not long enough, I finished striking my goods against robot machine.

The next problem was will the robot also collect money from me? Yes, of course. It did. The man that acted as my guide who happened to be a shopper as well, told me to read the figure displayed on the machine, and to my surprise, it gave me the complete price for goods purchased.

How do I pay? The man said in a soft language that I should drop my Euro bills into the machine and in less than a minute, the machine dropped my change in coins. I was only amazed all through the encounter as we do not have this kinds of automation in Africa.

To be candid, this system will reduce unnecessary expenses incured on some projects. Ideally, the said store would have likely employed over 20 cashiers based on their level of patronage, but the store decided to create another means of increasing profits and that was through automation.

Why pay 20 cashiers a monthly salary when an automated machine can do the job for less money?

Solar Automatic Gate
Solar Automatic Gate

In Nigeria, it’s a normal practice for some house owners to employ a gateman that will look after closing and opening of their gate. Indeed, this is a good practice, I am not saying it is bad, but when benefits are weighed, we will realize that, it is more safe and affordable to use a solar automatic gate that opens with the use of remote control or smart phone.

Not only this, using solar automatic gate will naturally reduce electricity bill, increase functionality of gate, remove fear of being lock outside or inside if there is no light.

These are major benefits of using solar automatic gate. For more details on this, you can subscribe to our channel to receive update on how to get it in Nigeria.

Despite these benefits, it could still take some work to convince people of how great smart home automation can be. Plenty of people want the perks of smart home automation, but they feel uncertain that smart home technologies will provide them. Should you need to know more about home automation and how to make your home smart, visit or order any of the products here…


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