Build To Your Taste – Don’t Wait For the Gate To Open-Solar Automatic Gate Opener By Ducati-Non Electric Gate

Whether you have a driveway gate for the security of your home, the safety of your livestock or just for the aesthetics, the chances are you’ve grown pretty tired of getting out of your vehicle to haul the gate open, getting back in, driving through and then getting back out again to close it.

If so, the idea of an automatic gate opener has probably crossed your mind each time. And if the perceived expenses of getting an automatic gate opener, plus having an electrician come and install power for it, have prevented you from adding this time-saving convenience to your life, there is good news.

Solar Automatic Swing Gate Opener
Solar Automatic Swing Gate Opener

There are new technologies that give you all comfort you need without stressing yourself of importing from overseas. With these new technologies, you can use your phone or remote control to open and close your gate without passing through the stress of alighting from your car before you access your gate.

Solar Sliding Gate Opener

Another beautiful thing about this new technological driven gate is that, with the internet-of-things which is called IOT, you can open and close your gate without even using a remote control or your phone. The new technology gives you the chance to open and close your gate even when you are far away or on a vacation for example.

Wifi Router
Wifi Router

With this new wifi access, you can link all your devices in your home and control it using IOT when you are far away. Perhaps, there is an intruder that want to break into your home, this IOT will send an sms to your mobile phone to alert you of the present danger, with this you can call on appropriate security operatives to step into action.

Another important feature this gate technology is that, you don’t have to worry whether there is electricity in your house at the time of the incident to power the gate. The automatic gate is powered by the solar energy. So you don’t have to worry about power issues as the gate opener is always connected to it’s own solar grid which is always on.

In the same vein, Ducati Home Automation, the producer of the gate opener has given much to technological advancement for these products so that it can outperform other products in the market that are powered by electricity.

Furthermore, Bluesripts Home Automaton is doing a lot to get the products to all and sundry in Nigeria and Sub-saharan Africa, by rolling out our promo to discount the price of the Solar Automatic Gate Opener, thereby making it affordable by all.

The new development made by Bluescripts on 28th July , 2019 was the launching of e-commerce site named, or where Nigerians can have access to international home automation products, read about the products and get familiar with the solar automatic gate opener, and other security gadgets like the CCTV, spy camera, biometric locks and video doorbells.

It a privilege for Nigerians to know and have access to solar gate openers without importing from overseas. In addition with the ongoing promo, you can get the solar automatic gate opener on or at a very reduced price

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