Use Solar Ac To Cool Your Home During Heat Period-Best Advice On How to Use It

On any given day, we are likely to come across people making complaints about the increased heat everywhere and how they are being affected. Some of those complaints heard may be similar to the following:

  1. The amount of heat that is generated in homes, offices, hotels, by the unfavorable weather condition and lack of electricity
  2. The rate at which children, teenagers, adult complain about heat rashes due to lack of fresh air.
  3. The amount of money spent to get white powders to cure heat rashes.

All these complaints have one thing in common.

People are experiencing increased heat everywhere and are concerned that they will keep having to pay more electricity bills to keep their air conditioning units running.

The solution is to this is to get a Solar Ar Conditioner.

Solar Air Conditioning Unit Air Conditioner
Solar Air Conditioning Unit

The solar air conditioner is a mechanical device which comprises of the main air conditioning unit and attached solar panel kits to generate power for the unit. This device is powered by the sun in which the solar panels transmits power to the air conditioner (AC). It is an AC-DC solar air conditioner different from the regular DC Inverter air conditioner.

How does it work?

It’s simple, firstly you have to consider your solar panel kits by locating a suitable place where it can be fixed to receive much sunlight in day time.

You also need to consider your air conditioning unit, by locating it in a suitable area for installation – it can be placed at the back of the window or the roof.

Solar Air Conditioning Unit
Solar Air Conditioning Unit with Solar Panel Kit

Note: When locating a space make sure your solar kits and air conditioning units are at the same place for conveniences and better installation.

After fixing your solar panel and air conditioning unit to your desired location and other necessary fitting, install your solar panel directly to the air conditioning unit then it is ready for use.

You don’t need a charge controller, an inverter or a battery.

Normally the kind of solar wattage used will be determined by the amount of air conditioning units you want to install.

For instance, one air conditioning unit comes with an average input power of 1200 Watts and average cooling capacity of 350 Watts depending on the model. So you can get a solar panel that is 10% more than the normal ratings, i.e 1500 Watts of solar panel).

Why do I need a Solar Air Conditioner?
Solar Air Conditioning Unit Air Conditioner
Solar Air Conditioning Unit installed for an office builing
  1. SAVINGS: with the solar ac, you don’t need to pay any extra bills for consuming electricity especially when you are using a prepaid meter or pay for fault development when there is a surge current on your ac.
  2. COMFORT AND EASE: after the stress of working or even at office or at home stop the complain of heat, rashes, sweat and discomfort with the help of the solar ac to cool down what is burning you up. your solar ac is available for usage whenever it pleases you. Remember; it doesn’t use electricity.


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