How To Secure Your Home with a WiFi LED Bulb Security Camera

Security cameras can come in handy for many scenarios, like monitoring the activities of your employees, monitoring your surroundings, checking on your children running around your home even you are not home. Unfortunately, in most situations, being able to see the camera renders them useless. If I were planning to do something I wasn’t supposed to and I could see the camera, I would just simply avoid it. That’s just one of countless scenarios where having hidden cameras can come in handy.

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If you do need cameras in your home, office, or supermarket, there really isn’t a more convenient way to install them than screwing in a light bulb. It’s no wonder that these bulbs are growing in popularity. But as always, with the growing demand, more and more companies are producing WiFi light bulb cameras. So what is  the best light bulbs?

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Features of a WiFi LED Bulb Security Camera

  • Led light bulb camera provides a wide-angled 360 degree fisheye view of the entire room. As such, you can see what’s happening in the entire room all the time, no blind spots.
  • Videos are recorded in 960p resolution.
  • Can accommodate a micro SD card up to 128GB. However, the SD card isn’t preinstalled, you have to buy it separately.
  • Loop Recording is available so if the SD card runs out of space, the latest footage is written over the oldest one.
  • The light bulb camera is connected to the WiFi and its features can be controlled via a free iOS or Android app.
  • Whenever some motion is detected, a push notification will be sent immediately to your phone. As such, if some intruder is coming in late at night, you will immediately get an alert and you’ll be able to watch them in your smart phone. You can also adjust the motion sensitivity through the app.
  • The Night Vision feature allows you to view images and videos till up to 25 feet away even in complete darkness. However, the images are only seen in black and white.
  • The camera has a 2-way intercom so you can communicate with people in that room through your app.
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Features to Consider

There are different types of light bulb security cameras but  when choosing a particular type do take into consideration the following features: 

Panoramic View

Having a security camera wouldn’t be much use if you could only see small sections of a room at a time. Fortunately, 360° panoramic cameras are pretty common these days and have changed security cameras forever. Gone are the days where cameras had to pan back and forth, creating blind spots.

 Video Storage & Motion Detection

Maybe you have a new employee or baby sitter and you want to make sure that they’re not up to no good, but you’re too busy to keep an eye on the video feed. Fortunately, some light bulb cameras have a microSD slot that stores video.                                                                      

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Microphone and Speaker

Sometimes just having a camera isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to communicate with someone who’s on the other end, but they don’t necessarily have their phone on them, or maybe they don’t have a phone at all. An example might by you see someone doing something that is wrong .It is a safe bet to get light bulb cameras that have a two way speaker feature.

Night Vision

It’s kind of counterintuitive considering the camera is actually inside a light bulb, as far as security is concerned, night vision is always a great feature to have. If someone sneaks into your house , store or office  at night with malicious intent, you’re probably going to want to know what they look like.

Remote Light Control

Being able to control and dim your light from your phone can come in handy in a bunch of ways. Not only can it save you money, but it’s also a great way to scare someone off during a home invasion, especially if you’re not even home.


Wifi LED Bulb Security Cameras are discreet and they’re suitable for both outdoors and indoors. Furthermore, you can rely on the fact that they’re all made of superior quality because they have been assessed by professional security firms.

If you have any other questions on LED light bulb camera to purchase, feel free to visit or call 07033702391 or place you order on 


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