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Automatic Gate OpenerOne of the benefits of enjoying entrance to one’s home is entering with smart gate.This smartness of a thing is one of the luxuries of enjoying opening and closing of a gate.After giving a good aesthetics to your home, what other things come into mind?Yes, you might be thinking of employing a renown security company to secure your home, using a big generator set to power all gadgets in your home?


Ducati Sliding Gate Opener


Do you know that, one of the luxuries to enjoy is to install automatic gate, not ordinary automatic gate but solar  automatic gate….This give you comfort ,security and zero power cost to run your gate.If you think of adding value to your home, you can do the following:

Home Automation-Simplifying use of gadgets and other facilities in the house-  Get More Details Here

Solar Gate Automation –Solar Gating technology sourcing power from the sun- Read more here

Security Surveillance- This send a rescue message to homeowner whenever there is an intruder.

 Gate automation in this part of Nigeria requires using smart gate sourcing power from the sun-Solar.


Ducati  Solar Garage Door Opener

Ducati Garage Door Opener

The technology doesn’t require home owner to connect its gate to the grid or to existing solar power system in the home.This smart gate of a thing comes with solar panel, battery, remote control etc.

My first time using this type of gate was in Italy in 2018, for the fact that I have traveled far and near in the world,I have never come across automatic gate that uses solar……..

Now, Nigerians and Africans can now buy their solar automatic gate opener in Nigeria without spending much on its purchase.

Ducati Sliding Gate Opener

                                                                           Ducati Sliding Gate Opener

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Courtesy- Bluescripts

Bluescripts Home Automation


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