Using electricity in Nigeria is a big issue if you don’t have a good disposable income. With latest trend in epileptic power supply, it has down on Nigeria to access renewable energy to power their gadgets.

Failure to be able to pay electricity bill has brought a lot of homes to a state of not having access to the power supply any longer because they have not being able to pay their bills. 30% of Nigerians have been living in the state of no access to power supply but with the help of solar energy we can say No to the system of depending on the power supply. Renewable energy is here just to bring a new beginning to the system of depending on the power supply before we can use the electricity.

With the use of solar renewable energy there is 100% assurance that we have a dependable and stable electricity with the use of solar renewable energy that will reduce costs and stress.

With the use of solar renewable system we will also say no to the act of fire outbreak from the source of electricity. Many house have been burnt down as a result of fire out break from the use of electricity.

But solar renewable energy will always be safe and dependable.

Based on research carried out by Bluescripts Home automation, it was deduced that average Nigeria need over 5000 monthly to access electricity while some spend higher than that. Also, it is noted that average cost of installation for solar in a room of 4 will be over 200,000 Naira. This is part of what stop Nigeria from using it but it’s still the safest, most efficient, cost saving power supply for Nigerian.

Bluescripts with the help of his foreign partner has introduced convenient payment plan for those that want to install solar to their apartment.

Solar system is now the latest of all energy supplying products because after checking all the forms of energy available,it has been the most comfortable and best after review. Solar has always been a means of enjoying our natural endowment (sun) with the use of solar we can say yes to a stable and renewable energy.

           EASY TO USE AT ANY TIME….The epileptic  of electricity has brought a lot of problems like the use of Generator and this will always reduce the time that our home appliances are to use and this will bring the result of us buying another appliances, wasting of money…..                                                          BUT

Solar energy is always available at all time with the help of the sun it helps our home appliances to last longer

The solar energy also remain stable till any time you wants it to be

                                             SAYING NO TO THE PAYING OF NEPA BILLSPaying of Nepa bills have always been a problem for many people. It is always very hard to remove from the monthly salary the nepa bill that is brought by the nepa, most of the time not having time due to the nature of many people work has caused the failure of not paying the bills and this will bring the result of cutting of the wires ….

                                                                 BUT WITH SOLAR ENERGY

You just have to renew your panel with the solar energy there is no more need to be going to the nepa office just to pay the nepa bill or to buy nepa card for the prepaid meter. The solar panel tends to last longer.No more paying of nepa bills, no more stress of buying prepaid cards.

                                          REDUCTION OF DEATH RATE CAUSED BY ELECTRICITY

Through the research that Bluescripts Home Automation did   we found out that 20% of Nigerians die as a result of fire outbreak either at home, work, church, school, and many more as   a result   of the use of electricity many people has died and this also has made some people homeless as a result of fire outbreak  and this has also make some people poor because of their property that has been burnt as a result of fire outbreak …… the use of solar renewable energy will stop the rate of losing one’s  property as a result of fire outbreak ,the use of solar renewable energy will bring a better future for us by giving us the  adequate .


In my next article, I will do justice to ways you can set up miniature solar system in your home.

For more details contact Bluescripts Home Automation.




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