How would you love to open your gate without getting out of your car? Are you tired of having to pay people to help you open & close the gate? Well, if your answer is yes, I have a solution for you.

Most times, after a hard day’s work, getting out of the car to open the gate can be quite stressful. Imagine coming back from work late at night and all you wish for is to get inside, take a shower and sleep, the process of having to stop the car at the entrance of the gate, getting down from the car to open the gate, getting back into your car, driving in& finally getting down to close the gate is quite tasking & draining especially when there is a heavy rain storm.The most common way Nigerians tries to avoid this problem is by employing a gateman. Even though it can be cost effective, most gatemen aren’t trustworthy. There have been a lot of cases where the gateman meant to be protecting the man and his property ends up stealing from his boss or even killing him.

The other alternative is to use the normal gate opener, this gate opener gives you access to your home through the use of a remote controller powered by electricity. This is quite nice but what happens when you live in a place like Nigeria where there is no constant power supply? Here at Bluescripts home automation, we offer you a solar gate opener. What do I mean by a solar gate opener? I’m glad you asked. A solar gate opener is a machine powered by the photovoltaic solar panel (sun) that enables you to operate your gate with a remote controller. How cool is that? You don’t have to waste money hiring security personnel to protect your things; you don’t have to rely on electricity to control your gate and definitely do not need to stress yourself coming out of your car to open the gate. The Bluescripts solar gate opener is the best way to keep your vicinity secure and free from burglars without paying any additional cost.

Solar Sliding Gate Opener

Solar Sliding Gate Opener

The solar gate opener is a machine that gives you the ability to securely open and close your gate conveniently with the help of the sun. The solar gate opener comes with a control box that is place at the gate which contains the receiver, power pack and battery.  It also comes with an actuator ram that makes sure the gate is securely held in place whether it is open or closed. It also comes with a solar panel & battery that powers and reserves the left over energy for use after dark or on low light days. It also comes with 2 remote controllers. The solar gate opener offers you security with no stress.

Ducati Sliding Gate OpenerThe gate opener is powered by the sun thereby offering you a lifetime free opening and closing of your gate.

The gate opener enables you get on & off your property even when the power is out with the integrated battery backup feature and ultra-efficient power management system.

The Ducati solar gate openers are highly reliable and have a stand-by consumption that ensures long lasting performances in all weather conditions.

All Ducati solar gate openers are designed and build with integrated obstacle detection system thereby offering you security with no stress.


The solar gate opener saves you the stress of coming out of your car to close and open your gate.

Conquer energy independence for life with a Ducati opener powered by photovoltaic solar panel.More advantages are listed here

The Ducati Solar Gate Opener  solar gate has a 2 year warranty on it. If anything happens to it within 2 years, feel free to make a complaint and it will be fixed.

The Ducati  solar gate opener is highly recommended for everyone whether for residential or industrial purposes. It comes with all the necessary kit needed to get your gate running (no additional product needed). Investing on this solar gate opener is a very good investment.

If you want to order or know more about the products, visit www.smartshome.com.ng or call 08021683372. Better still, visit www.bluescriptstech.com to read more














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