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Sequel to my last Article on live update about the things you can get from here is another update about another stress free technology we have here on

Solar power systems are built to bring a life of Luxury, everybody has once heard about solar power systems TRUE, but what was the step you took when you heard about it smart home solar power systems are the best in all terms.

In Durability, Efficiency, and lots more, Smart Home is here to make you live a life of comfort even In this Nigeria, Did you notice that the Supply of electricity has been a mess these days in Nigeria many people has even left the country because of this light issue, because it is a very hard matter and we have try our best as Nigerian’s to put an end to this but there is no avail.

In situation like this the only thing we need to do is to look for a solution inside this problem, Smart Home is here to bring an end to the issue of Black out and unstable electricity, stop having issues with the electrical company agents why Smart Home is here to give you a new and better option. Smart Home solar Products are here to bring you to another level of Stableness in electrical Power, our products you will find comforting and will bring a very Great ease to your living comfortably.

1) 1.5kva Inverter
2) 100 watts poly solar panel
3) Smart homes 1kva inverter+100ah battery+150 watts solar panel
4) Solar flood light
5) Smart Homes Solar Generator
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