Which Motors Are Used In Sliding Gates?

Increase your knowledge on the motors that are used in the automating of Sliding Gates, little do you really know that you are at the verge of choosing the best of the best decisions by getting your Slide gate automated here at www.smartshome.com.ng .
Yeah that’s true and that’s a great step, and now the next step is to know the type of Motor that will sure and perfectly be used to make your gate very easy and conducive to use apparently it is advisable that you have this basic knowledge about what our sliding gate motors can do at www.smartshome.com.ng
This slide motor in question is having a very wide and bogus library of diverse sizes, yes that’s it you don’t believe me, all gates might be of the same types and definitely, not of the same size do you now see that it is best to see this before you get your gate motors from the best gate motor automation company in Nigeria.
we have the industrial and the residential sliding motors, all and every one of us should get our gates automated both the industrial and the residential, we have the (400kg-1000kg) here is the list of the  sliding motor size, if you will really be buying from us here at www.smartshome.com.ng/
 we will tell you to give us the size of your slide gate and as the gate will be used for a residential purpose its size will range from(400kg-1000kg), yeah that’s it not so many gate automation companies do this but we at smarts home do this professionals that we are.
 And the Second type of Sliding gate motor that we have is the Industrial Slide gate motor this motor is specially designed for heavy built gates, which means this is only used for high and heavy Gates above the size of (400kg-1000kg), which are Recommended as Industrial, to get your sliding gate motors you can always reach to us at www.smartshome.com.ng.


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