Automatic Gate Machine |  Automatic Gate Opener Price In Nigeria

The first question many of our customers ask when enquiring about a rolling gate or automatic gate is, “how much does an automatic gate machine cost?”
While this is a valid question, it is hard to give an exact price.
Although Ducati gate machines, products and other accessories have their prices available on www.smarts and customers can place their order with just a few clicks, the amount of money that will be spent on automatic gate openers still vary depending on either it is a residential gate motors or commercial gate motor, there are a number of considerations when thinking about gate automation, some of which are;
1. Labor: Depending on how much ground work is required to start with, could considerably increase the price of setting up a motorized gate with automation. Everything from posts, concreting, space required, personal requirements, power type for automation eg. if electric then an electrican may be required are factors that must be considered before a specific price will be given.
2. Gate Automation only: If you already have an existing gate, then installing automation may be all that is required. This may include a replacement of an existing automatic gate opener or the installation of a new one on a gate that was previously used manually. If you have an existing gate then automation may be able to added to it, however it usually requires a few checks before knowing if it can be truly automated. And the price for this will be determined by the installer.
3. Power options: There are 2 power options in Nigeria when looking at automating your gate. First is electric and the second option is solar.
There are several other factors that are not discussed in these articles, check to learn more
Automatic gate opener in Nigeria


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